How To Add Reviews With Schema Code


How To Add Reviews To Your Web Site Using Schema Code

We are excited to announce a big refresh and improvement to an existing feature in our platform. Displaying customer ratings and 1st-party reviews (testimonials) on your website is a big marketing advantage and now you can display even more. Our former Testimonials Widget has been vastly expanded as our new Review Widget.

This post shows you how to embed online reviews and testimonials into your WordPress designed website using the Google's SEO friendly “” review code. 

Our system uses a special SEO Friendly Schema Code that helps your business rise in search ratings and display that wanted 5-star ranking as well.

5 Star ratings will show on Google search results. See sample below.


SEO friendly schema code will automatically be added to your web site.  No coding required. (see sample below)


Download Review Widget WordPress Plug-in (Click Here)

Step 1: Download the Plugin Zip File
Step 2: Log into your WordPress install and click on “Plugins” and click on “Add New”.
Step 3: Click the “Upload” link and browse to your Zip file downloaded in Step 1.
Step 4: Once the Plugin is active click on the “Settings” link and follow the onscreen instructions.

The Screenshot below shows an example of a basic testimonials page on a web site. You can of course add text above and below the reviews widget code to explain and encourage customers to leave feedback and reviews.


Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Step-1. Log into your account

Step-2. In the main menu (upper right) click on “Settings -> Review Widget”


Choose What You Want To Share


Step-3. Read and evaluate the options (checkboxes) for your embedded testimonials. You can check and un-check any of the boxes at any time even after your embed code has been placed on your website. The form on your site will update automatically. You do not have to re-embed the code.

The Review Widget now allows you select what types of reviews you want to display. Let’s look at each of these main settings and why you would choose of one them.

1st-party Reviews only – This option is how our widget has always worked. Your widget will display 1st-party reviews (testimonials), marked up with review schema to try and obtain stars in the search results.

1st-party & 3rd-party Reviews – This option let’s you display all of your reviews together. See your 1st party reviews (testimonials) mixed in with your 3rd-party reviews (Google, Facebook, etc.) in order by date. The widget will also display a filter to the consumer in case they want to only view one review site’s reviews. It’s important to note that ONLY your 1st-party reviews are marked up with review schema, so 3rd party reviews will not be part of the totals and rating displays (to stay within Google’s guidelines for schema).

Overall, we think this is the best option, with value of both review types for most businesses and consumers.

3rd-party Reviews only – Now you can display all of your reviews from Google, Facebook or Trip Advisor on your own website. This option will only show 3rd-party reviews from the sites you are monitoring in your account. This version of the widget does NOT include review schema (it’s against Google’s schema guidelines). The review total and rating average are only from the 3rd-party reviews.

It’s important to repeat that each option above has it’s variances in how overall review counts and ratings are displayed. This stems from Google’s guidelines on review schema. You can’t apply schema to 3rd-party reviews, as they are already marked-up on the sites they originated from.

Step-4. Click the “Get Embed Code” button to copy the embed code.


New General Widget Settings

In addition to what you can display we have improved options to manage the review content that appears and the overall widget itself. Here are some of the new options you can take advantage of.

Auto display of 1st-party reviews: Automatically display content in your widget if it’s above the rating setting. (You still have individually control from your Customer Dashboard or Profile too)

Auto display of 3rd-party reviews: Automatically display reviews in your widget if it’s above the rating setting.

Number of reviews to show per page: This controls the pagination of how many reviews appear before creating a 2nd page (or more) in the widget). Setting it to “7” will show seven reviews in the widget before generating a new page in the widget.

Widget placement: You need to enter the URL of the page where you have placed the review widget. This is needed for Google schema guidelines. You will also set the text that the link displays for the Badge or Tag Widget by completing the Link Anchor Text field (or using our default of “View Reviews”).

Design Options

The Review Widget also features some design options many users have requested. Here is a look at each one of them.

Design Style: To use all of our new features you need to select the ALL INCLUSIVE THEME here. We have had a few different options in the past, but moving forward we will just have more settings and controls for you, without the need to use a different theme.

Widget Width: This was a big request and now you can control the width of your widget display. Select if you want to use pixels or percentage and add your number.

Justify: Align your widget so it looks best in your page design. Options include left, center and right alignment.

Display feedback button: This enables consumers to click a “Give Feedback” button right from your widget and website to enter our feedback funnel. It’s a simple on/off setting.

Feedback button color: Select the color of your feedback button from our sample colors or enter the Hex color number.

Feedback button text color: Select the text color that “Give Feedback” displays in.

Display social share buttons per review: This turns on or off the ability for a user on your website (you or the consumer) to share a specific review to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Display links to review sites: Turning this option on will show your review sites that you are requesting reviews for at the bottom of your Review Widget. This allows consumers to leave you a review on Google, Facebook or your other request sites right from your widget.

Social share image: This image displays on social media sites when a review is shared. Some social media sites show this image and some do not.

Schema image: This image is part of the Google schema guidelines, but is currently NOT displayed or visible anywhere.

Let’s Recap The Review Widget

This feature upgrade offers you a lot more flexibility in displaying reviews on your website. We’ve outlined everything that went into it above but here are some final thoughts on upgrading to the new Review Widget.

1- Make sure you are running our latest widget code or WP-plug-on on your website. This upgrade is a great reason to make off of your settings and options and then copy/paste the new Javascript embed code into your site.

2- Most businesses will likely choose to display both 1st-party and 3rd-party reviews together. Don’t forget that ONLY the 1st-party reviews are in the “Totals” and “Rating average” at the top of the widget to stay in compliance with Google’s schema guidelines.

3- Take advantage of the width options, alignment options and feedback color to make the widget feel integrated into your website.

4- Drive users to your Review page (or where you place your widget) by placing our Review Badge on your home page or directly linking from your home page content to the widget display. 

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