How To Add/Import Customer List to Reputation Builder

How to import and request online reviews from your customers?

Reputation Builder (RB) System makes your life easier with following features;

  • Reputation Builder (RB)  will check for duplicate Email Addresses in your list – only the first occurrence of the email address will be imported.
  • RB will not import and ignore Email Addresses of customers in your list that already exist in your RB account as a customer for the selected business to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Please adjust your “Repeat Customer Feedback Settings” if you wish to send feedback requests to customers that you conduct business with on a regular basis and would like to ask for feedback after each transaction or service rendered.
  • Your list “must” be in the XLS, XLSX (Excel) or better CSV format no larger than 3MB.
  • You can download a CSV file containing an example customer list here:  Customer-list-for-online-reviews.csv

New Let's Do It...

1. Login t​o your RB account and go to Customer Dashboard

2. Click on Import Customer or Add Customer


3. Screenshot below shows adding one customer at a time.


 4. Screenshot below shows importing your customer list.


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