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GatherUp and GDPR Compliance

ReputationBuilder and GDPR ComplianceRB takes data privacy very seriously, and we view the GDPR as an opportunity to enhance our commitment to data protection for the benefit our customers.In effect from 25 May 2018, ReputationBuilder will Process Personal Data in accordance with GDPR requirements. Does GDPR affect me and my business?If you have customers […]

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Customizing Feedback Settings

How to Customize Feedback Settings1. Log in to your ReputationBuilder account and go to Settings > Feedback Settings 2. You can update the Feedback Request sender’s email address. 3. Select Feedback Request Page options. Basics – Related Topics GatherUp and GDPR Compliance Customizing Feedback Settings Customizing Feedback Email Templates Add a Single Customer Updating the Account Owner Information Feedback […]

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Customizing Feedback Email Templates

How to Customize Feedback Email Templates1. Log in to your ReputationBuilder account and go to Settings > Request Modes 2. Click on the email you like to customize.3. You can customize the fields that marked in Blue.  Right click on the field and select the option you prefer and click Save. Basics – Related Topics GatherUp and GDPR […]

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Add a Single Customer

Add a Single CustomerTo add a single customer to ReputationBuilder, follow these steps:(You can also import customer’s list instead of adding one at a time.  (see details)Log in to your ReputationBuilder account.If you have multiple locations, choose the location you would like to add a customer to from the Business Dashboard.From the menu, go to Requests […]

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Updating the Account Owner Information

Updating the Account Owner InformationThe following post shows how to update the Account Owner information within ReputationBuilder 1) Log into ReputationBuilder 2) Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and click Account Owner Details from the menu.3) You can change the First Name, Last Name and reset the Password. For security reasons you […]

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Feedback vs Online Reviews vs Testimonials

Responding both positive and negative feedbacks are always recommended!Differences between Feedback, Online Review and TestimonialFeedback is essentially provided by a customer, or a patient in the case for health industry, with an expectation that the organization will use the information to improve their operational structure. Unlike an Online Review which is posted online at 3rd. […]

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What sites can I request reviews on?

What sites can I request reviews on?Using Feedback Request Modes, ReputationBuilder enables you to ask for reviews on online review sites (3rd-party reviews) from your customer. We recommend you choose 2-3 online review sites that matter most to your business to include in your request. The sites that are available for you to request reviews […]

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How To Add/Import Customer List to Reputation Builder

How to import and request online reviews from your customers?(You can also add one customer at a time instead of importing a list  (see details)Reputation Builder (RB) System makes your life easier with following features;Import a customer list for a single location in ReputationBuilder using Import Customer List. To import a customer list for a single […]

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How to Add Users & Managers to Reputation Management System

How To Add Users and Managers You can add others users and managers like customer service manager to your Reputation Management System.1. Login to Reputation Builder at 2. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and click Manage Users from the menu. 3. Click on Create New User.  In this […]

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