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Get 5 Star Reviews by SMS TextBack

Get 5 Star Reviews  by SMS TextBack!Why Text Works For Customer Feedback & Review CollectionWith busy lifestyles, bold headlines, and near-constant connectivity, the competition to engage consumers is fierce. But, by putting the customer in control with our latest feature TextBack, you can benefit from their connectivity. has long offered outbound SMS requests to request […]

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What Happens When a Customer Replies to My SMS Review Request?

What to do if customer replies to my SMS review / feedback request?*Note:  SMS is enable​d only at Pro Plans. (click here to see Reputation Builder packages)When a customer replies to a SMS feedback request, instead of clicking the Leave Feedback URL, their SMS reply will be captured in ReputationBuilder.Since your customer simply replied to […]

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Review & Testimonial Requests via SMS Text Message

How to Request Feedback via SMS Text*Note:  SMS is enabled only at Pro Plans. (click here to see Reputation Builder packages) ReputationBuilder’s SMS feature allows you to send plain text message requests to customers, and text message requests with an image if you want to stand out.Why send feedback requests via SMS text messageText messages are […]

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