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How To Respond Feedbacks

Responding both positive and negative feedbacks are always recommended!You can respond to feedbacks privately or publiclyReputationBuilder (RB) allows you to respond to your customer feedback “Privately” and / or “Publicly”. Response options are available in the; 1) “Feedback Alert Email” and 2) “Customer Details Screen”.1) Response options within the “Feedback Alert Email”Response option links are included […]

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Get 5 Star Reviews by SMS TextBack

Get 5 Star Reviews  by SMS TextBack!Why Text Works For Customer Feedback & Review CollectionWith busy lifestyles, bold headlines, and near-constant connectivity, the competition to engage consumers is fierce. But, by putting the customer in control with our latest feature TextBack, you can benefit from their connectivity. has long offered outbound SMS requests to request […]

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Reputation Management Tips for Asphalt Paving Contractors

Get 5 Star Reviews Over 100 Reviews Sites!5 Reasons Why Reputation Management for Asphalt Paving Companies is EssentialReputation matters for every business, and it’s no different for asphalt paving companies. In fact, there are some unique reputation and marketing issues that paving companies need to deal with that many other companies don’t. While some paving […]

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Reputation Management Tips for Doctors

What to Do if You Get a Bad HealthGrades Review: 7 Smart Moves for a Good Doctor Reputation!Doctors are not immune to online reviews anymore than the local bakery or car repair shop. But when it comes to reviews on Yelp or HealthGrades, the stakes can be higher. The doctor-patient relationship can have life or […]

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What Happens When a Customer Replies to My SMS Review Request?

What to do if customer replies to my SMS review / feedback request?*Note:  SMS is enable​d only at Pro Plans. (click here to see Reputation Builder packages)When a customer replies to a SMS feedback request, instead of clicking the Leave Feedback URL, their SMS reply will be captured in ReputationBuilder.Since your customer simply replied to […]

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Review & Testimonial Requests via SMS Text Message

How to Request Feedback via SMS Text*Note:  SMS is enabled only at Pro Plans. (click here to see Reputation Builder packages) ReputationBuilder’s SMS feature allows you to send plain text message requests to customers, and text message requests with an image if you want to stand out.Why send feedback requests via SMS text messageText messages are […]

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How to Ask Customer Feedback and Online Reviews

3 Review Request OptionsCustomer experience, feedback and online reviews are massively important to any type of business today.  The best companies are proactive in engaging their customers and send them emails to request feedback and reviews to manage their reputation. Did you know that ReputationBuilder offers 3 different request formats (and endless options) for your review request […]

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How to Create Custom Testimonial Widgets Using Tags

Using ReputationBuilder to collect customer feedback and testimonials provides a great way to understand customer sentiment and to build out content for a strong testimonial page or a location landing page on your own website using our Testimonial Widget.Now it can also be used to build out compelling content for your product, service, service area […]

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Reputation Management – Reviews Conversion Pup-up for Websites

Convert Your Website Visitors to CustomersDesigned for both desktop and mobile web experiences you can start marketing your reputation the moment customers arrive on your website. The small pop-up window rotates through your last 30 reviews on the pages of your choice (or your entire website), positioning positive ratings front and center – where they […]

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How To Add/Import Customer List to Reputation Builder

How to import and request online reviews from your customers?Reputation Builder (RB) System makes your life easier with following features;Reputation Builder (RB)  will check for duplicate Email Addresses in your list – only the first occurrence of the email address will be imported.RB will not import and ignore Email Addresses of customers in your list […]

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